Who Is This Person?

According to my email signature I’m a writer and political activist/community organiser and the website you are currently on is a blog I started in December 2014, when I first started writing.

I started the blog out of a frustration that I was seeing such a limited spectrum of voices and opinions represented in the media that I was consuming at the time. Although I’d been living in Barcelona for almost a year, I was still addicted to UK and global news and felt that there was so much analysis listening from the publications charged with reporting the news.

So I wrote. There wasn’t much of a pattern to it, I just decided to write what was bugging me at the time. First it was neo-colonial voluntourists, then terrorism, then police brutality in the UK, Kendrick Lamar, Azealia Banks…

By some lucky twist of fate at the same time I was gingerly stepping into this new craft, a new world was emerging of DIY journalism delightfully coupled with a burgeouning black British consciousness which was spilling onto timelines and news headlines alike. One Cecile Emeke webseries and a couple Media Diversified articles later the deal was sealed, I quit my bar job and I was back on a plane to London to make my mark on my home town.

It’s been almost two years since I pulled the plug and wandered blindly back into the cruel clutches of this city, and I like to think things more or less worked out. I eat, I sleep, have some time to think and get some writing done. In this London, you really can’t say much fairer than that.



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