Art doesn’t have the privilege of looking on as everyone else struggles: London’s Bush Theatre re-opens with Black Lives, Black Words

Media Diversified

by Zahra Dalilah

When Madani Younis stepped into the role of Artistic Director of the Bush Theatre in 2012, he became the first person of colour to run a theatre building in London’s history. Under no illusions as to just how radically things were changing, Younis began laying the foundations for what in 2017 has led to a £4.3 million refurbishment of the building, a record high in the history of the theatre. Less than a decade ago the Bush was playing in a room above a pub to audiences of up to eighty, whilst as of next week their impressive four storey home can welcome over triple that. Speaking to Younis, days before the theatre opens its doors again it became clear that the scale of the project, physically, artistically and politically was not one that Shepherd’s Bush had seen before.

Bush Theatre by Philip Vile

“Cultural institutions have…

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