Meet Caleb Femi, the Young Poet Laureate telling stories of love at the chickenshop

Media Diversified

By Zahra Dalilah

Young Poet Laureate Caleb Femi stands in his stature well; widely, and rightly, known as a talented young poet with a well-earned reputation for literary excellence, and a model, a leader for younger poets in turn. In his flat, a few weeks before this accolade is announced, as he gears up to shoot the video for the second edit of the poem Coconut Oil, I quickly come to realise that Caleb is much, much more than that. As we sit back and listen to tester tracks he’s developed with producers such as DA and Eu Sou, he tells me about the ideas he developed as creative director for poet Suli Breaks and extrapolates to envisage how they will inform his future work, whilst bouncing around dates for future EPs and headline shows. Put simply, the man is a creative powerhouse, and we have not yet even…

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