Dreamt But Never Slept: in conversation with 4i the rapper

Media Diversified

by Zahra Dalilah 

Rapper and songwriter, 4i, first made waves back in 2014 when he released his debut album, Soul Rich. Introducing a new sound to UK Hip Hop, the record fused a UK reggae and dub influence with a 1980s New York rap style for the perfect soundtrack to break the silence in the sunshine.

Back with a new release, 4i’s latest EP Dreamt But Never Slept leaves sunny skies and silver linings behind, indulging instead in life’s hardships and unapologetically putting forward the hungry bar-sprayer, who took a back seat throughout Soul Rich.

4iUpon meeting 4i, his humble and introspective persona becomes evident. Stroking his beard as he speaks, he carefully recounts his story always injecting extra effort to portray himself in a balanced light. Rapping from the age of 12 or 13, 4i was obsessed with US hip hop and credits KRS One’s “Criminal…

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