Boyz N The Hood: Kicking in the door, waving the 4-4

Media Diversified

ByZahra Dalilah

“Either they don’t know, don’t show or don’t care about what’s going on in the hood” – Darren ‘Doughboy’, Boyz N The Hood

Watching Boyz N The Hood in 2016, there is comforting familiarity that sits with me during the film. Drinking in the 90s fades with the optional single skinny plait at the back, the front porch card games and the Jheri curls, I am immediately awash with nostalgia. I remember sleepovers at cousins’ houses where we learnt to mimic the styles and the slang of Los Angeles in the 90s, bursting with excitement to see something that we connected with depicted on screen.

Back in 1991, when Boyz N The Hood was released, I was approaching my first birthday. By the time I was old enough to sneak downstairs and watch the ’18’ rated films that my big sister had recorded off of Channel 5…

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